Having a problem? Try solvitur ambulando.

Solvitur ambulando is a Latin term, created by Diogenes, who replied to the argument that motion is unreal by standing up and walking away. So solvitur ambulando literally means that a problem is solved by a practical experiment. Which is something quite familiar to permaculture.

But in a broader context it can also mean other things. For instance: having a problem and you don`t know how to solve it? Go for a walk. There is no wrong weather, just wrong outfit :)

So, if you have a problem that needs solving, just get up and start walking. There is no good in sitting on a couch and waiting …  No doubt about that. Motion brings oxygen into brain. Some suggest you should dwelve on the problem while walking, other say, that you should just empty your head and  let it be (like John Lennon said HERE :) and it might dissolve by itself. Or at least shrink a lot. I suppose that depends on the problem – some will and some won`t. But there`s no harm in trying :) So – lets solvitur ambulando.


Another tree falling …


Life always finds a way.


And so does water …



Luna has no problem solving problems. Water? Great! Let`s take a bath.


Almost back home again. Things that bothered me seem much smaller now.


Solvitur ambulando – solved by walking

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